Wood storm doors

Confidence in safety of a house begins with the setting of strong and first-class entrance storm doors. Now with the present tense application of the newest materials and use of the newest methodologies one can easily find the construction, which fully satisfies all desired requirements.

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The door block consists of a frame, as well as of panel or storm door. The braced door has a ready door block. The doors are subdivided into external and inside ones (in accordance with its purpose and based on the location inside premises), into glazed and unglazed ones (based on the exterior). In addition, door blocks with two storm doors (or panels) are produced. There are storm doors with a solid, as well as with a small cavity or alveolated fill.
Front doors are usually made massive, excluding the use of a glass and other materials lowering strength of a construction during their creation. The intraflat doors are not intended for significant loads, therefore they are thinner, have a simple constructional solution. However, such doors must harmoniously fit with general interior design.

A wide variety of doors is represented at the modern market. Despite it, the interest in their independent making does not extinguish. A single, as well as double door can be made. To start you should determine the width of the door passage, which must provide its unimpeded relocation. An ordinary single door in most cases has the width of a frame of 1 m. The frame of double doors is made wider and in the bathrooms, it is narrower (around 80 cm).

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The storm doors can be made from different materials. Wood is one of the popular ones. Construction performance of wooden storm doors is characterized by a diversity: They can be panel framed, veneered, flush, solid, in a form of arches, etc.

Wood boards for the fabrication of a door frame are taken by the thickness 5-6 cm and width in wall thickness. Elements of a door frame are connected, using adhesive in the way “mortise and tenon”.

The storm doors are of two types – flush and panel framed ones. Sandwich panels are applied for the production of flush storm doors; high-quality decorative finishing characterizes these types.

Such storm doors are distinguished by high operating characteristics due to presence of a heat insulation layer and absorbing layer in them. Metal sheets making a protective function to increase the strength of a system of the front door supplement the construction.

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The metal rods, with which the construction of flush storm door is complemented, will help to prevent deformation of the door because of different air temperatures outside and inside the premises.

Binding, centerpieces (the upper and lower one), a keystone crossbar, and panels are the components of the simple panel framed storm door.

Belaying equipment is located about perimeter of the door and centerpieces and the keystone crossbar form element in form of a cross is in the middle. Panels carrying out not only protective but also decorative function occupy the remained space. They can be figured as well as with a burl or shaped edges. Often panels have heels on the edge. The glass can be used as panelling, which is inserted into door frames the same way as window glasses.

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