Variety of vintage interior doors

What hides behind the incomprehensible and attractive word “vintage”? In design vintage is identified as an ancient thing, which remained since the last centuries, but it may, however, find application in the modern interior. Such things always have a print of elegance and comfort in themselves; they help to create a special, surprising atmosphere. Vintage items often find application in a design of an interior – this tendency appeared rather long and continues to remain topical. In this article we will tell in detail such an object of the interior as vintage interior doors, we will focus on their differences from other kinds of doors, as well as we will describe the technique and the way of their creation.

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The modern market is able to satisfy requirements of any client – there is no disadvantage in the diversity of models. However, among the most different styles and trends vintage always occupies a place special of honor. The interest to the antiquity fashion never undergoes – on the contrary, more people dream to give a unique spirit of antiquity to their dwelling, and the doors are what they pay attention to in the first place, therefore their choice requires special care.

Vintage doors in an overall context of design
The vintage doors are a wonderful variant for the people who want to give their office or home a unique atmosphere, create a surprising individual image. If design of all the premises is subordinated to retro-subjects, you can not forgo the vintage interior doors, for sure. But they are able to give spice even to a modern design without spoiling an overall impression.

Italian vintage doors
The Italian masters are famous everywhere – the doors made by them are real objects of art. They use the perfect production and processing technologies in their work, but at the same time, they faithfully follow ancient drawings of doors, which really existed and were created many years ago. Not only the outward appearance of a product, but some materials are accurately copied – for example, the Italian masters during production of doors use paint mixed in accordance with the genuine formula of the ancient years. Therefore, the final product, on one hand, reflects an atmosphere of antiquity and simultaneously complies with the highest quality level of today.

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Such doors are so good that they look beautiful even without extra decorations, but some masters prefer to give their creations individuality applying a painting or adding elements of artistic forging. Of course, such things can not just cost cheaply and, if you need cheap option, the vintage doors are not your option. But in case you can afford the high expenses, be sure, the quality deserves that.

Artificial aging
To reduce the price of production of a door, another means is widely distributed in the market –people just give the product an external similarity to original samples. Of course, a touch of inscrutability and an atmosphere of the past days are lost, but simultaneously, functional and aesthetic properties do not suffer at all. Such products look rich and create impression of gentility. Even the most demanding customer will necessarily pick something up for his or her taste!

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