Saving space with indoor sliding doors

The doors can not only open outwards or on inwards but also shift sideways. In addition, the last open version is much more interesting than traditional push open version. In addition, if an imperfect roller mechanism was the major problem of sliding doors before, today its construction is ground to Absolute.

The most appropriate time for installation of sliding doors is a stage of construction or the major repairs. Such doors are much more ergonomic than push open ones, and can function profitably in a small dwelling, where the deficit of housing space is felt. Nevertheless, it does not at all mean, that they are useless in spacious premises. Many interesting and effective solutions will be found for them there. Modern sliding doors can not only move along walls but also hide inside them.

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The main advantages of sliding doors.

A significant economy of space: free place is not needed at all to open a sliding door. If the doors move along a wall in an open way, only 10% of free area from area used during open of push open doors is needed:

  • Sliding doors do not slam nor are opened themselves from draughts;
  • Crack open sliding doors do not occupy a place nor hinder movements;
  • They may function as partition walls;
  • In case of appropriate installation of the sliding door, a doorframe is completely disguised.

Recommended places of installation of sliding doors

The two-leaved doors installed in a wide opening between two rooms are able to adjust the space. Moving sliding doors into walls, you can easily create the unified space, turning two small rooms into one large room. This is also a fine option for adjoined rooms, for example, adjacent playrooms.

The sliding door is appropriate between the sitting room and kitchen. It is better to use the two- leaved door installed into a wide door opening here. In this case, one will be able to combine the kitchen with a sitting room based on the desire. No wonder, family members spend much time of a day in the kitchen, therefore it is better if its area allows to all members of a family to locate comfortably.

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Very appropriately, the sliding door will do where two openings are close and on perpendicular walls. Push open doors will create a strong obstacle to movement in this case. Sliding doors will resolve this problem completely inconspicuously to surrounding people. It is also recommended to set them at the entrance to the cloakroom room, which often does not have a window. One is to draw the door with a mat glazing for it, so that it would be lighter inside the cloakroom.

Sliding doors are a perfect option in the small premises, inside which there are auxiliary premises – for this reason they are used in trains. In this way, for instance, the sliding door can separate a laundry from a bathroom.
The same one is true even for various niches, the presence of which should be hidden. Sliding doors can separate a study from a library, or serve as partitions zoning its space.

If there is a person confined in movement on a wheelchair in the family, the sliding doors slid into the widened bathroom and toilet facilities opening are to significantly facilitate life to him or her.

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