Interior screen door – 2015

This season the screen doors are in fashion again. Let us see how they fit with the modern interior 2015.
There was a time, when one could see in almost every bedroom the screen door, which often had not only decorative but also more practical function. It served as a wall separating premises. Thus, one could make the two little rooms from a large one.

At present, the screen doors are again brought back to the interior, in addition, not only of bedrooms. Multifunctionality of this item allows to decorate any premises in the house.

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A practical screen door

A modern screen door is light and mobile. Without difficulty, it can be set to different rooms at least every day.
If guests suddenly came to you, one can cover with this construction from extraneous eyes, for example, a not made bed. A cloakroom can be made using a screen door in a little room, where several people live. Now you will not need to ask every time the family members to come out from the room for a couple of minutes when you want to change your clothes.

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If, besides, you do not have enough space for storage of costume jewelry and accessories, one can attach for the inside of a screen door the hooks where these items will be finely located.

A screen door is a real finding for people living in the one-room apartment. With the help of this object, one can divide a room into 2 parts one of which will be intended for sleep and the second for the rest of the cases. A clear separation of the recreation area will help to sleep better and create comfortable conditions for a work.

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A decorative screen door

A decorative screen door can be very appropriate in spacious houses. Due to its unusual design and material, it will make premises unique.

Several kinds of screen doors are in a trend in the 2015:

  • a screen door from silk cloth with the eastern pattern;
  • a sreen door from plywood with laser engraving;
  • a screen door from wood with lacquer coating.

The screen doors of wood look excellent in bathrooms and passages, and constructions made from cloth are suited better for a bedroom and hall.

The fashionable color palette is multifaceted. You can choose a monochromatic pastel tint screen door, as well as a construction with a bright and three-dimensional pattern. Drawings of flowers have special popularity this season.
Although in interior design the screen door always looks very spectacular, it does not distract attention from other less non-significant subjects of design.

Make your interior attractive – and you will feel how much cozier it became in the house!

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