Ways in Which IKEA Sliding Wardrobes are Better than Normal Wardrobes

Sliding wardrobes are a possibility to place a big stock of clothes on a limited space. There is always a choice to make a sliding wardrobe individually or to buy a ready variant in a store.

In a ready version, partial use of the space is possible, but IKEA is resolving this problem, because one may choose modules different in width and to use the space to the maximum.

The sliding wardrobes from IKEA are an ideal solution for intelligent use of the space. One may choose a ready solution or collect out of a vast number of elements, which are combined. The sliding wardrobes are made to order as other furniture. The wide choice of materials and colors, frameworks, and facades, as well as of proportions exists.

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There are a lot of options to choose a comfortable and stylish IKEA sliding wardrobe, regardless of extent and features of premises. There is a wide choice in an assortment of sliding doors, additional variants with backlight are offered for ground glass.

Modules can complement the corner IKEA sliding wardrobe, a construction, a location of shelves can be changed, and new elements can be built in.

The corner sliding wardrobes from this company are an ideal solution for small rooms, but even in the large premises, they are used frequently enough. Originality, capacity, and universality attract here.

In the catalog, one can see a lot of variants of the facade from classics to the most advanced models. For example, you can select a wardrobe, and increase its capacity. It is enough to make minimum changes and your furniture will immediately transfigure. Everything is thought over to details.

Even a ten-year old warranty for mobile mechanisms speaks in favor of a sliding wardrobe from IKEA. Let us get acquainted with models of sliding wardrobes offered by IKEA more closely.

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Sliding wardrobes of a cloakroom series PAKS
In the cloakroom of the system PAKS, the designers looked after the diversity of sliding doors. Twelve color variants are ready to decorate your room. The minimum width of a kit of two doors is 150 cm; the width dimension varies with the pitch of 50 cm.

The maximum width of a kit of two doors is 300 cm. From three to six lengths of PAKS may be required respectively for one sliding wardrobe. The internal filling: shelves, rods, baskets- is chosen on your own taste.
One can use a specially created program- scheduler of PAKS wardrobe for creation of a virtual sliding wardrobe and selection of components.

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Sliding wardrobes of the ELGO series
The frameworks of the ELGO series have two gauges in the width: 150 and 220 cm, and two colors: white and gray. The narrow framework is completed with two doors, and the wide one- with three ones. The texture and color of doors can be chosen on your own. There are mirror doors, white with an insertion from polypropylene, walnut and gray.
The internal completeness: shelves and baskets are chosen on your own, the clothes rods are going in a set. Sets of this series have a low price.

Now You understand the ways in which IKEA sliding wardrobes are better than normal wardrobes.

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