How to choose the interior doors properly?

The instruction for the choice interior doors

Perhaps, it is no secret that interior door is one of the main elements of interior decoration.

Namely interior doors must include two very important indicators is the flawless design and quality. And it is very important to understand that use of exclusive qualitative glass guarantees to your door perfective aspect and originality and this factors in shaping in the formation of the individual design your housing.

To select this door is available with a simple instructions on the choice of interior door. With approximately ten minutes, you will be able to make the right choice in favor of a good door.

Their selection high-quality interior door the main choice criteria are:
1. Production of an interior door from natural, pure and ecological materials is very important. Be assured before you a good door. This may be material solid wood or veneer. No less important is the fact that the door was coating with expensive, high-quality and varnish harmless to health.

2. Surely it is worth paying close attention to a condition of a surface of a door. Remember that the surface of a good interroom door has to be smooth and without any jags or defects.

Verify to the touch a door you should feel nice and warm feeling. And again it is worth paying attention to the varnish, which covered the door-it must be expensive and environmentally friendly.

Don’t give your attention to any seller is good and good luck will last a very long time, and even after 10 years, he doesn’t lose its perfect appearance and properties. in addition, the quality of lacquer will provide strength and protection to your door.

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You can check the quality of a very simple way is to click the nail on the door. Remember that the quality of coverage will not leave the trace of your nail and is cheap and simple lucky always reflect the traces. it is very important that the nail is not entered in the wood. should know that luck is one of the most expensive materials in the manufacture of the door. And often many manufacturers save on this material.

Some unscrupulous manufacturers use this bad luck, he may be harmful to your health and to determine the type of very easy – he always leaves traces and prints from your fingers. So I should take this into account when you don’t know which to choose an interroom door.

3. Paying attention to the painting and color when choosing a high-quality doors. Remember that the color of a good door must be uniform, clean and deep. And in no case shall the existence of specks and spots. But if they had been painted door, it must be the natural structure. It happens that some manufacturers in order to save hide defects and irregularities of the door by means of a colorant, thus they give her dirty color and from the natural and natural beauty is a door, right, shouldn’t use.

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4. An ideal of doors have to looking closely all connection design and in particular is framing the door. Remember that here shouldn’t be what roughnesses, gaps, оverlapping, cracks and that the most important, shouldn’t be present a rough adjunction of details at all. These positions must be exactly adjusted.

5. The door geometry is one of the main factors. Remember that the door must be perfectly flat, maximum variance, which can meet should amount to no more than one millimeter.

6. You should know that the quality of the doors will never be used cheap glass. Such doors will always contain only expensive and quality glazing, which will have high-quality fasteners-silicone sealants and gaskets.

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7. Let us seize the moment that box should be with sealant.

8. Also don’t forget to pay attention to the fact that the finish of the door jamb, and boxes should be the same quality and color.

You select a quality door if you do everything correctly to prevent you from entering the hands of doors with flawed.

The importance of considering all of the above items, if you want to choose the right interior door. And then you really can’t go wrong. In order for you to be able to distinguish quality door from the poor can explore even one small statement that you will be able to help when choosing interior door for your housing.

The first paragraph – check coating and painting the outside of the door.

1. If you noticed that color of a door not equal, there are spots and an unclear turbidity, and also paint lies is non-uniform and is dirty be sure that the producer wants to mislead you as here toning for concealment of defects, gaps and a surface roughness is used. Obviously – such door belongs to the class of the low-quality.

2. The low-quality door can give out at once itself a porous surface, lack of smoothness and existence of small hillocks. Krapina, filaments and litter under paint, black points and various garbage can also meet. If it doesn’t convince you, then run a hand over a door – for certain impressions will remain not from the best.

3. Attaching a small effort, get your fingernail under the door. If the lacquer remained trail or even the varnish broke, then be sure that before you the door to poor coating, and can even and very hazardous to your health. Such door in no event it is impossible to acquire.

4. If the door edges are distinguished by color, or by some other measure is the door of poor quality.

Not to buy such door at all if you found all above-mentioned factors at a door choice, it is necessary to draw only one conclusion. All that you will be able to receive in the future from such a door is peeling off of the lacquer and paint is not perfect the appearance of your interior, and what is worse – can affect your health the chemicals and substances that can be released from low-quality surface of the door.

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The second paragraph – measurements.

Upon purchase of an interroom door don’t forget to take a roulette. Matter in understanding in what conditions this door was made it is worth carrying out very mass destruction and simple actions:

1. Diagonal measure the distance from one corner to another. Now compare the results. Remember that high quality door will have diverged from 0 up to 1 millimeter but the poor door such indicators can be up to 10 millimeters.

2. End face attentively take a detached view of a door cloth. It is very often possible to notice that doors of many producers go very noticeable “eight”. And it means only that this wood not correctly dried. But all the matter is that such eight over the years will only increase so it is worth thinking in details – whether it is necessary to take such door, or it is better to choose other interroom door.

But it is still good to know that only high-tech plants can make qualitative doors which meet all international standards.

The third paragraph – a surface scan.

Should know that the door was very smooth. In order to check the need to hand over the surface you should feel the pleasant sensation.

At the door there should be not separations and roughness. Also pay attention to the top end faces. Very often they are roughly cut or have roughness.

The fourth paragraph – checked a glazing

1. The can’t speak about quality of a door if slightly shake a door and if you hear rattling follows that glass is badly fixed.

2. Pay attention to the condition of the frosted glass. If you notice oily or troubled spots, you should know that it will bring nothing since these stains are removed using special equipment after processing the door.

3. It is worth paying the attention to glass origins is that it should not be cheap.

4. What sealant used for inserting and fixing the glass will find out?

The fifth paragraph – checked framing and joints attachments

At a door choice surely attentively examine all connections of a design and in particular a door framing. Remember that here shouldn’t be, what roughness gaps overlaps cracks and that the most important, shouldn’t be present a rough adjunction of details at all.

And finally it would be desirable to tell, what at a choice of an interroom door it is also worth taking an interest — the door is made of what material? You have to understand that a qualitative door when it isn’t made of a cheap chipboard. With helpful tips from our site on the repair of the apartment, you will always know how and what to choose interior door correctly and safely. Good luck, Honourable.


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