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During the reconstruction of existing housing, erection of a new country house or a cottage – the necessity in making of a double front door arises fairly often. Market’s proposals are diverse and extensive, so the choice of such doors depends only upon expediency, financial possibilities, and aesthetic preferences.

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During the reconstruction or the major repairs of buildings of an ancient complex, the door is chosen so that its size and form should match with an existing door opening. Two types of double front doors – rectangle and arch shape – are typical for such complexes. The arch construction is subdivided into several species – completely openable semi-arch leaves, not openable arch above the rectangular double door, the same type with leaves of different shape. The unusual shapes and a design of front double doors are, as a rule, provided for by original architectural designs of modern big country houses. The double front door to the apartment (besides reconstructions of old complexes) is used much more rarely, only in separate projects of elite housing.

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The construction in use of it is front double push open doors. At the same time, one needs to select the door, proceeding from sizes and operating conditions. The double front door to the apartment, even in a vast and high entrance, is rational in a so-called «one-and-a-half» variant when one (narrower) of the smaller leaves by the extent is attached with reliable catch or sliding bolts. Only one leaf of such a door serves for an entry and exit. The same construction is frequently used in cottages and small country houses. The design of a large door is the more correct solution for big country houses with a wide and tall facade. The double front outdoor doors of corresponding extent, well matched with general design of the facade give an elegance and respectability to a building. In this variant one door leaf or both leaves can be used for opening, depending on door gauges and a host’s desire. An important moment of a construction – in what direction the front external double doors are opened. In city apartments, they usually open outdoors, keeping useful area of an apartment. The same can be said about double vestibule doors. In the small houses and cottages, open to premises is more rational providing open facility during snow banks. For big mansions, this question is not important; they always have an abat- jour above the entrance, a sufficient number of additional exits, and service staff for clearance.

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Steel is the main building material of modern front double doors. It provides strength and durability, fine carries out protective functions. In the commonest features, a door panel of the well-made door is produced three-layered – a steel sheet, heat insulation material, a steel sheet. Foam plastic, mineral wool, synthetic heat insulation materials are used for internal filling. Additional steel plates in the places of fastening strengthen the door panel and the door frame.

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Use reliable bar locks of known firms, crossbar locks with trilateral securing are the best choice.

Color of the door is also important. The standard and most widespread colors are gray and brown. Many doors with forging, glass fragments, window elements, original fittings, and forged reliefs have appeared recently.

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