Different Types of Exterior Folding & Sliding Patio Doors

The front glass sliding doors have special popularity because in the modern world image of a personality as well of a company means very much: It is created by not only special effects, but also by how one`s office building, or premises, or its entrance lobby looks like. In accordance with today relevant design directions, you can make an entrance with the use of exterior folding and sliding patio doors. Such constructions look presentable and stylish.

The variety of types of exterior folding and sliding patio doors

Structure of the walk-in group together with sliding doors is some more complex unlike traditional push open systems. They can operate for years without failures and additional settings to inlet and outlet of visitors. The front glass sliding patio doors allow saving the space and in case of an emergency and electricity disable turns on the built-in accumulator, which will provide operation of doors during several hours. Movement of door panels is executed with help of a carriage with rollers at the top leading track. In case of large sizes of a construction, an auxiliary guide rail is installed into the floor. The sliding doors can be single or patio; they permit much light through to the premises, allowing to visually expand a hall of a building.

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Besides mobile systems, other types of door mechanisms can be used in the walk-in groups of exterior folding and sliding patio doors: telescopic, semicircular, revolver, turning, pendula ones.

Often super-tough kinds of a glass, in particular, toughened glass, and triplex are used for creation of exterior folding and sliding patio doors. These materials are distinguished by high strength and safety. Moreover, the sliding doors can be fabricated with the use other types of glass fill: the ground glass, the double-glazing, the reinforced glass, the polycarbonate.

Sliding doors exist in the all-glass, metal, aluminum, plastic, combined and other types of walk-in groups due to their universal and sensible construction characteristics.

Due to construction features, different kinds of entry groups exist. The entrance to the house can be created in a framework variant, as well as in an all-glass version. In both variants, one can use a glass of texture and colored one for decoration of an entrance to the house. It is worth separately emphasize entry groups with use of glass blocks and polycarbonate.

Selection of materials for an entrance to the house also depends on specificity of a construction. There are no universal recommendations: A public or commercial building can be designed ornately and the entrance to the residential house can have a modest view, which depends on an architectural style of a building and preferences of its owners.

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The glass has good noise- and heat insulating characteristic, moisture-robust, non-combustion, it does not allow bacteria to reproduce nor notwithstanding requires any finishing after installation, therefore this material is used very often for production of entry groups. One more advantage of a glass is the variety of techniques of its decoration. Different kinds of stained glass windows are most wide spread, as well as the following ways of art design: the way with the use of sand blower, a photo print, author painting, false stained glass windows, fusing, and a sculptured glass.

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