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Decor of interior doors with one’s own hands: decoupage? Very interesting…

It’s common that an element of the interior still can perform its functions, but at the same time there is a wish to renew it without heavy expenses. The interior doors are not an exception. And here is the best way out for those, who want to renew their house – to decorate an old door.

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Here the hosts can use their imagination fully. At the same time one shouldn’t forget about the style and a sense of proportion, but in certain circumstances and combinations even the bizarrerie can look quite nice. There are different ways, how to decorate an old door. You can just recolor it in tune with the new wallpapers or you can try a new method nowadays – decoupage.

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Literally decoupage means «cutting» and involves application on different interior design items and features of cutting pictures and cutouts, followed by their fixing on the surface.

This simple and at the same time very glamorous and effective method how to decorate the door with one’s own hands is known many centuries already. There was a time when such decorating imitates expensive incrustation on wood, Japanese and Chinese miniatures and etc. It allowed creating high-quality knockoffs of pricy handworks at a low price. It’s no coincidence that in Italy this method received another name— arte povera or « the art of the poor»

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So, how to realize decoupage by “do-it-yourself”?

At first, it is necessary to clear the door panel from dust and other impurities, than to degrease. Frames and walls have to be hidden under the masking tape in advance; the floor can be covered by the film. Start to prime the surface and than use edge blending, choose the color in coincidence with an application ground color.

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The image is carried with the help of decoupage cards, which are soaked in the water, and after all the application is applied to the door. Considerably, this process brings back to the time, when we were children and played with the images which transferred from the one surface to another. While this process you have to be very attentive to avoid wrinkles and blowholes, but when they appear than try to flatten them before they dry out.

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When the image is dry, its bonds have to be fastened with the coating that coincides with the background. When the coating is also dry, polish it with the fine grain abrasive paper. When it is necessary, you can add one or few layers of the transparent varnish. That’s all, everything is ready!

The most important in this deal is to switch on your fantasy!

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